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Nanoshine® Nano Guard®


Nanoshine® Nano Guard® is a premium, water based, protectant is a highly versatile product that is used for a variety of purposes.

Nanoshine® Nano Guard® is used as a detailer for some of the finest vehicles in the world.  It is very simple to use.  Just spay on and polish in the surface.  Nanoshine® Nano Guard® forms a thin layer of UV resistant, highly glossy nano particles on the surface where it is applied.

Nanoshine® Nano Guard® is perfect for use on vehicle surfaces, chrome, stainless steel, granite, ceramic stove tops, Formica counters, leather (except suede) and glossy painted surfaces.

What makes Nanoshine® Nano Guard® work so well?

To best understand why Nanoshine® Nano Guard® is so effective it is important to have a basic understanding what is different about a nanotechnology product.

It begins with the size of the particles.  To put it in perspective, you can put 80,000 nano particles on a human hair!  When chemicals are reduced to nano size they are sub molecular in size and take on different properties than the same chemical in a molecular form.  This is one of the secrets that makes Nanoshine® products out perform their competition.  They simply are in a class of their own.

Nano particles in Nanoshine® Nano Guard® fill in the pores of the surface where it is applied to form a highly glossy, UV resistant, protective barrier.